Friday, May 15, 2015

How Bill Shorten could have replied to Neil Mitchell

Wayne Swan or Kevin Rudd would have nipped the question on their first attempt. I refer to Neil Mitchell's question to Bill Shorten on Melbourne's 3AW the morning post budget 2015. No less than 13 times he asked Mr Shorten if he accepted responsibility for the problems with the deficit in his role as Labor Leader, on no less than 13 times he evaded before finally answering no!

3AW listeners appeared to agree. Caller Jo said she was sick of yelling at her radio and urged Mr Shorten to, "just answer the frigging question."

I have crafted a short paragraph indicative of how Bill Shorten could have replied to Neil Mitchell:
I think you’re missing a fundamental point Neil, what Australians will remember is that the previous Government shielded families, economic sectors and entire industries from the effects of what was the greatest challenge the modern economy and indeed, Australian economy has faced. I refer of course to the Global Financial Crisis, and it's on this basis that I'd be happy to take responsibility for any deficit you may be referring to...
If the Opposition leader’s response was even remotely close to the above, the dynamics of the interview would have been entirely different. As it was, the interview was a train wreck.

I am not suggesting that Abbott has not had his share of poor interviews however, you really had to hear this one to believe it, and I'm in no doubt that even laborites would have been seething.

On the question of the previous Government's spending in order to shield us from the GFC, I would add, considerably less could have been spent to save us, but that could be the subject of another post. Hence, do not misinterpret the intent of this post. This is not a spruik for, or on behalf of the ALP, rather, I point out Bill Shorten 's effectiveness or lack thereof, as Opposition leader, engaging in tough media interviews, for they will not get easier in the run up to the next Federal Election.


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