Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On matters RET

The two main parties have been squabbling over the Renewable Energy Target for what seems like forever but recently an agreement was in fact, reached.

After many months of genuine political argy bargy, the Abbott Government and Labor have finally reached an agreement that will pass the lower house and, with any luck the senate will do same.

The target is 33,000 gigawatt hours GWh equivalent to 21-22%. The Greens will argue that this is not enough to reduce CO2 emissions and protect jobs and investment however, they ought to concede, it is better than no pact at all. More pointedly, at around 21-22%, it is higher than the previous 20% figure and puts it amongst the highest in the world. Fact is, given The Greens once pushed for a target of 90% thus it's fair to suggest, they will never be pleased.

The clean energy sector now has some certainty and given the impassioned nature of the issue they to, ought to be pleased.

Personally, I believe it took more of an effort for the Abbott Government to settle on any target than the effort put in by the opposition Labor party to protect it since at the core, the Liberal party, as an establishment, is philosophically indifferent on the matter.

What is your view on this, and the RET in general? A superfluous exercise in terms of climate change or an vital element of the development of clean energy technologies including bioenergy, cogeneration, geothermal, hydro, solar, , marine energy and wind …

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