Monday, May 18, 2015

Are you a writer, a budding novelist and admire the writings of Ayn Rand?

Pardon my going off topic on this post.

Can you espouse the ideas of, but not be definitively limited to, those of the late novelist?

In 2009 I completed Ch. 1 of what was to be an extended piece or novel entitled "David Larkin". Due to time constraints and life matters Ch 2. was not commenced. The writing remains online within this blog and is copyright however, I am willing to waive my rights for anyone that wishes to continue to build upon the 4100+ words already written and call it their own but with the following with the following caveats.
  1. That the aspirant adopt, as far as is reasonably practicable, a similar style/prose to mine. 
  2. That the writing benchmark set, be correspondingly upheld and/or commensurate with the existing work and
  3. That if you are fortunate and derive any income/revenue from the exercise then you can look forward to keeping 90% or more for yourself, otherwise said, a small sum for yours truly. 
It was my intention that the piece espouse the ideas of, but not be definitively limited to, those of the late novelist Ayn Rand.

Click here to view the work thus far ...

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