Thursday, May 21, 2015

Same Sex Marriage will soon pass Parliament

An article appearing in The Age recently confirms what has been suspected for some time. Only a handful of parliamentary votes now stand in the way of the reform, so it is not a matter of if, but when. The AMA says that several Labor MP’s have switched their position, now declaring support for same sex marriage as have, up to 13 unnamed Liberal and National party MP’s. As for Tony Abbott, neither he nor his party supports gay marriage and the ALP also remains opposed however, Mr Abbott has said all along, that the issue of a free vote would be a matter for the post-election party room. I recently heard one prominent gay crusader say on national radio that it is more likely that a second term Abbott Government would sooner legislate for same sex marriage than the Labor party would.
I have no issue with gays or same sex unions, I wish to shout that, but I remain opposed to same sex marriage, as I firmly believe that the “slippery slope” argument as it is known, (the one that social "reformers" and pro-gay activists are quick to scoff at) is compelling.

The argument suggests that when you remove the traditional idea of a marriage being between a man and a woman, in favour of a union between any two consenting adults, you invite more changes down the track and the main one that comes to mind is, Polygamy in all its three forms. Polygyny, wherein a man has multiple simultaneous wives, Polyandry, wherein a woman has multiple simultaneous husbands, or group marriage, wherein the family unit consists of multiple husbands and multiple wives. In other societies the precedents already exist as they do within the framework of Islam.

Moreover, it seems some are already using the slippery slope argument in protecting rights of Polygamists. We read recent reports of a prominent Green party official claiming that Sarah Hanson Young’s resolve that marriage between two consenting adults including gays (the key point), discriminates against others in gay community including Polyamorists. Only this month, the Greens Party leader in the U.K. Natalie Bennett said she is, 'open to discussing' three-way marriages and polygamy. Read it here

The path to same sex marriage on the premise that, any two consenting adults regardless of sex ought to be able to marry if they love one another is fine, but once the traditional marriage definition becomes undefined or vague, you invite more change hence, – the slippery slope. If homosexuals can marry, why can’t a man marry two or more woman if they love one another and all consent to it? A simple web search will reveal that courts around the globe are already dealing with this very issue.

I dismiss all other arguments against same sex marriage acknowledging that the world has changed. Furthermore, the religious approach will not wash in a society as ours, one that values the upholding of separation between church and state.

Same sex marriage will soon be legal, however let us not complain when the next logical step makes its mark on the social conscious, Polygamy in all its forms, for this too will be inevitable. In addition, if Polygamy does make inroads in western societies, women will suffer the most for it. You may wish to do some web research on that as well.

All the above amount to what is merely an opinion, and same sex activists can like me, point toward much web research suggesting that the slippery slope argument is fallacious. I would add, fair enough, though recall I wrote, “compelling” in my cause for concern in the third paragraph, I deliberately avoided absolute descriptors about the slippery slope case, thus permit me to repeat, a ‘compelling’ argument that demands parliamentary and community debate ahead of any reform.  Perhaps then, any new legislation permitting same sex marriage may incorporate, as far as is possible, built in safeguards - strict definitions- to restrict the path to expanded marital unions.

I am not holding my breath, nor should you.

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