Saturday, May 9, 2015

When Politics and Schools should not mix

Recently, upon driving past my old Primary school in the Heidelberg area, I was dismayed to note a huge banner, perhaps 10 metres in length, adorning the main fence. I cannot recall the exact wording, but it referenced children in detention and questioned how detention centres are no place for kids to learn. There were many teddy bears and other soft toys attached to the fence by the schools children? 

Can anyone see the problem with this? 

Amongst other things, it grinds how the left and progressive intelligentsia, the chattering classes, have so polluted our education system and school curriculums such that they pursue, quite publically, such postmodernism and moral relativism. 

I was compelled to email the school principal the next morning in the hope that (she) would engage me about it, my email read:


I cannot see the wisdom behind having that banner about children in detention on the school/church fence.  Certainly, it is not good news to have any child in detention but consider the broader implications of engaging in such a polemically charged political issue that is, asylum seekers and particular, children in detention. One wonders if you had a banner up two years ago and if so, how large was it then, when some 2000 children were in our detention centres. Fast forward to today and we note that the number of children in detention centres has dropped approximately 90% to around 190, depending on your source.

At this rate of decline, there may be no kids left in detention within a few months, and whom can we thank for that?  Moreover, how about some thought for the estimated six hundred children who lost their lives and will spend an eternity at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, prior to the current border protection legislation that you have inadvertently alluded to through the banner. The very legislation you are indirectly in critique of.

I refer to the highly successful operation sovereign borders legislation viz, 

What is evident about schools and academia is that it is not really about the cause, but about the side one is on. It’s ideological therefore leading to the political. That is the reason there is much more fuss made about 190 kids (and falling) in detention today, as opposed to so little fuss paid to the issue when there were thousands of kids in detention, not least the other additional estimated 600 that died en route.

It is my hope that you can come to appreciate the political overtones expressed by your banner for they cannot be escaped.

Yours faithfully,
Otto Marasco
(Address, Mobile No. and Email address included)

Needless to add, the school principal did not engage me as there was no reply to my email, how predictable … 

Your comments are welcomed ... 

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